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“The interplay of acoustic and electric instruments gives a more interesting progression than standard commercial fare.” – DJ Michael Hunter

Three D Radio

“There’s a real Northern England feel about his sound and it has a lovely charm about it. The vocal isn’t a million miles away from Dave McCabe of The Zutons.” – Ciaran Steward

We Close Tonight

“Very interesting style. Original voice and delivery. A nice mix of retro and modern pop. Elvis Costello fan?” – Mike Olinger

The VINYL District

“Beautiful track. I could easily see this being played in a movie. Production is spot on!” – DJ Brody Ramone

Brody Ramone

“Brilliant vocals. The final solo reminded me of Weezer and that is a good thing!” – Boaz Sachs


“Sounds great! It’s so pretty. Really well produced. Appreciate the quirkiness!” – DJ Valida Carroll


“He certainly has a fine grip on the art of melody, displaying plenty of hooks and artful noodly asides.” – Kevin Hugger

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