Tash Hagz is the performance name for
singer-songwriter enthusiast, Mike Shields.

I'm an adoptive dad with a pedigree tash; the
family cook and a lucid dreamer.

I'm a pet and liquid lover (rescue cat,
Manchester Terrier dog; alcohol).









Classic Rock and Alt Rock fan. BBC 6 Music is my
radio station of choice.

When I'm not at my day job, socialising or
enjoying family life I'm lives the dream:

I become a singer, producer and
a multi-instrumentalist crafting contemporary
alternative rock music in a variety of styles.








I use subjects such as homelessness, inequality
and victimisation, delivering a bit of a social
commentary whilst maintaining a quirky, sometimes
humorous edge.

I'm told several reoccurring subject matter can be
recognised in my work, such as traditional love
songs, edgy guitar riffs and harmony rich alt-rock

Using observations as well as crafting stories,
my song world is one where infectious melodies
crash into classic rock-driven guitars.







I  live and works in the West Midlands of England.

This is what someone wrote about me once:

“Imagine if The White Album and The Basement Tapes
had been written and recorded this side of the

His tracks have been described as classic 70s rock
shaped into a 3-minute record.

His music has been compared to David Bowie, The
Flaming Lips, David Bowie, Supertramp, Procol Harum,
and Soul Asylum, giving credence to his unique and
eclectic musical perspective.

Over the years, his ability to blend diverse palettes of sound
to form his own musical tapestries has delighted many.

Through the exploration of various musical landscapes
over the years he has honed his skills to deliver a
signature blend of quirky pop blasts featuring piano,
layered guitars, harmonies, string arrangements
and melodic craftsmanship.

His story begins growing up in Frodsham, UK where
his parents introduced him to an array of music
that featured everything from Billy Connolly and
The Beatles to acts like The Clancy Brothers and
Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor.








Shields’ own playing began with an old jazz
standards songbook, learning chords on his Dad’s
Spanish guitar, crafting his own melodies to
accompany the chords as he was unable to read the
musical notation. Before long he taught himself piano.

As a teenager, a life-changing book would introduce
him to acts like Big Star, Gang of Four, The Velvet
Underground, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell.

From his pre-teens onwards he
worked through several bands exploring folk,
blues, progressive rock and indie.






Distracted with real life, Mike succumbed to a
nine to five non-musical career, gaining three
academic degrees on the way.

But a true calling never ceases and Mike found
himself being woken up at night by fresh new
melodies pleading with him to give them life. He
surrendered to their calling, setting up his own
recording studio and taking time to develop his
production skills while working on his vocal

Grammy-nominated producer Victor
James is a fan and has described Shields as “a very
original songwriter.”

Shields has amassed box sets worth of songs over
the years, each said to be an honest, organic
track coloured in with catchy melodic hooks. You
are invited into his world to listen and sample
the smorgasbord of sound. And like the first taste
of a foreign dish, you might struggle to describe
it, be at a loss for words, but you’ll definitely
keep coming back for more."